Bus Ministry


Ride The Bus To Church!


FIRST… All you have to do is help your child get up and ready to meet our bus each Sunday morning.  School clothes or play clothes are fine.


NEXT… Our courteous bus workers will pick up your children at your door.  When the bus arrives at the church your children will be escorted to their respective area of learning where friendly competent teachers will receive them.


IN THE CLASSES… Your children will learn about God and His relationship with mankind.  They will be taught from biblical illustrations and lessons in such a manner that their young minds can retain what they’ve seen and heard.  These sessions will build Christian principles and character that will endure for a lifetime.


THEN FINALLY… The children are helped back aboard the bus and escorted back to your front door.  Bus workers will be sure to help them cross any streets so all are safe.  Our bus team will then make contact with you either in person or by phone as a follow-up to insure that your children had a wonderful experience and will be returning again the following week.


Contact us if you are interested in riding the bus!